Heart-shaped Snowball

Thank you for your insight, T.D. Nicholls. This is wonderful and awesome. ♥

– Photo via Google

Good Old World

Just back from the corner store, ran into the guy that used to live with his long time GF in a place behind me. We always got along and hung out at times. Anyway, got to chatting together, turns out that his GF left him. And he was still quite bitter about it. I won’t say the expletives he chose, but, he seemed miffed. I felt sorry for the poor bastard of course, lord knows I’ve been down that road. And I mentioned that he seemed really angry still. So then he went off again, retelling the brief story in a different way. With a little more added, probably trying to justify his anger and bitterness. Then started to go on about women in general. Easy man, settle down. I then told him that, there is really no point in carrying anger and bitterness around with you, the only one…

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