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I'll drive!

The last two months have been super-busy. I’ve gone through emotional upheaval as I cleared out my mother’s apartment, and reconnected with memories both positive and negative. Facing the task of finding a retirement residence for my mother, and opting for a private facility, wasn’t the easiest feat, but it was definitely the best move we’ve made for my mother and my family. Throughout the process of these choices and manoeuvres, I’ve found myself run-down, depleted, and otherwise open to exhaustion of all kinds.

This past weekend had me really wondering if something more than just “being pooped” was going on. I had terrible dreams both Friday and Saturday nights. My sleep was broken constantly with periods of waking and feeling disoriented. My first impression on Saturday morning was that the dreams gave me the feeling of someone else’s life, not my own. It was a really hard feeling to…

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