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Wall-e and Eva

The holiday season is fast-approaching, and many of you have hidden, crafty talents that could make you a bit of pin money over these coming holidays with. Wonderland, a seasonal conglomerate of Crafters, is looking for Artisans of all kinds to begin stocking their wares early-September to the end of December, 2012, and possibly into 2013. Maybe you have a flair for drawing, or you love working with wood or unique fibers? Maybe you make the coolest, macrame bracelets, or you create magic with beads and wire? Perhaps you make your own soap, or you can sew amazing clothes or costumes? Whatever it is you create, if you’re interested in bringing it to a forum of commerce, and exposure to a wider market, no matter where you are, I’m interested. Send me an email @ veggiewitch (AT) ♥

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